7/11 Money Saving Update

Today was another great day as far as savings.  The only spending done was me driving to the gas station to get a soda.  Since they were on sale I picked up 2 so that I didn’t need to stop tomorrow on my way to a market.

The soda was bought to try and fend off the headache I’ve acquired today between the storm that’s been slowly moving through all day, my allergies and my inability to break my caffeine dependency I had a horrible headache and making coffee was not an option so we made a quick trip to the gas station which is literally around the corner and came home.

Otherwise today we’ve kept the lights off almost all day, the TV has been off for a good portion of the day (and that overheating cable box has been unplugged) and all dishes were done by hand today so no electric to run the dishwasher.  All meals were cooked at home today using items from either the pantry or freezer.

Tonight DH and I plan to exercise using our videos and then I’ll either work on some more jewelry for my markets this weekend or I’ll start checking out the grocery ad preview and see what I’m going to be picking up this week.  I am fortunate to have a well stocked freezer and pantry but with the cost of everything always going up I want to make sure they stay well stocked so I will be hitting the best sales hard to keep my family well feed on very little.

How have you been doing on your quest to save??  Check back this weekend as I’ll be giving away a couple of coupons for free items and posting my reviews on those items!  I hope to have the post up by Friday but with markets I get too busy and forget sometimes the giveaway will run for several days though so you will have an opportunity to sign up!

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