Money Saving Challenge

In an effort to save more and grow my bottom line I’m going to start posting how we’ve spent and what I’ve done to earn hopefully daily.  There will be days when I can’t but I’m going to do my best to stick to it.  You can check out my inspiration for these posts by heading for to Frugal Makes Cents a fantastic blog written by Precious.  I want to be her when I grow up and am going to do what I can to at least get close.

Last night we drove just a few miles up the road to a new park and walked up to the soccer fields and where treated to several fireworks shows.  We were able to see fireworks from 3 different towns plus 2 different theme parks we weren’t real close but still enjoyed the show and spent very little on gas to get there.

Today Shawn and I stayed home and ate leftovers for lunch, breakfast was poptarts for him and oatmeal for me both bought on sale with coupons.  I stuck 3 bottles of water in the fridge to take with me for my evening market.  On the way to the market I stopped and picked up a package of apple slices and a soda to eat while I was there.  I’d planned on taking some fruit with me but we ate it all yesterday and I know myself well enough to know taking sandwiches with me wouldn’t have worked.  On the way home from the market I stopped and picked up 2 bottles of juice for DH and I to make cocktails tonight.

All in all it was a basically frugal day.  The apple slices and soda come out of my TMDesigns money as does the gas to get to my event and back so really all that was bought today was 2 bottles of juice and of course gas for Dave’s car to and from work.

Today wasn’t the best day for earning, days that I have markets never are because I am focused on them.  All the earnings I will be talking about will be the little things I do to make extra never Dave’s job or my market money (rarely will I include any spending for that either).  I did however use Swagbucks to do my searches this morning and evening, if you aren’t using swagbucks you should start by clicking my link who couldn’t use free money/giftcards?  I also clicked through my Superpoints account (leave a comment if you would like an invite) to earn points for more free money!!  DH and I both used a workout video that we own today to help stay in shape and not waste money on a gym membership and all the lights were kept off during the day to keep the electric bill lower.

Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you’ve done to save or earn or leave a link to your own blogpost on the subject.

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