Money Saving Challenge 7/6 and 7/7

I did mention I would do my best to make this a daily thing didn’t I.  One day in and I’m already behind oh well that’s life.

Yesterday we stayed home and did a whole lot of nothing.  A few days ago I had picked up about 5 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast on sale for $1.29 a pound and so I threw that all in the crockpot with a bit of water and let it cook all day.  The result is shredded chicken just from stirring it in the crockpot so I warmed up some of that with BBQ sauce for dinner last night.  The only money spent all day was for a soda and a juice when Shawn and I headed to the local farmer’s market to set up my tent.  We had a good time and I made a little money in my business fund.

Today I attended another vendor show and made contacts with some people for this fall when the snow birds come back.  The shoppers weren’t there today but the contacts were more then worth my time and effort.  After the market I came home and DH and I worked out to a video we already own (no wasted money on gym memberships) and then set off on my quest to find shells.  I’ve been doing some markets with alot of tourists and I feel that a few items with shells would sell really well.  We headed to one of my favorite cheap places for findings and found no shells but $5 in other stuff for my crafting business, while we were out we had dinner at the A&W that had reopened since I’m a sucker for their fresh rootbeer.  Our continued search somehow brought us to a comic book store where we spent about $10 on books for Shawn, to Target where I spent $7 for pasta salad making supplies and to JoAnn’s where I finally found some shells.

So today wasn’t a great savings day but it wasn’t too shabby in the grand scheme of things since alot of today’s spending came out of my TMDesigns money.  In addition we’ve been keeping the shades closed and curtains drawn to help keep the sun out and using the fans as much as possible to supplement the A/C.  I’ve also been using the microwave and crockpot more and more to help keep the heat out of the house.  Plus using the crockpot means turning cheap cuts of meat into delicious tender dinners that require very little work from me, and with 3-4 markets a week right now the less work I have to do the better.

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