Money Savings Update

Sunday and Monday were both bad spending days.  There was alot of running around for my TMDesigns business and then Dave wanted to play hockey on Monday.  There isn’t a rink close by so we had to be out for a good chunk of the day and lump other errands into the trip to make the most for our gas.  We did end up eating out but we ate at Ikea where you can get meatballs, mashed potatoes, salad and drink for $5.99 so we left full and the 3 of us ate for less then $16.  Because we were out running we stopped at Toys R Us to take advantage of the sale on bookbags, every year we buy Shawn a new character bookbag and lunchbox it helps get him excited to go back to school but I still search for the best sale.  TRU always runs a sale where you purchase a bookbag and receive a free lunchbox so we went out and got both for $14.99.  We have last years book bag and lunch box put away (scrubbed at the end of the year) so that if anything happens to either of them we have backups.  I recommend if you don’t have an extra put away pick up a generic one on sale (or clearance) and put them away, mid year there are no sales on book bags/lunchboxes and the only ones you can even find are the higher priced ones and that is exactly when they rip/tear or get lost.

Thankfully today is back to normal living.  We have been running around so much, you can just tell by looking at my house everything is a mess so I’ve taken today to clean up.  I’m also trying to take it easy as I had 4 markets in 4 days over the weekend and I need a bit of a break before this Thurs when I start my 3 in 4 days stretch again.  The best part of taking a break is no spending.  I had to run to the store this morning when I realized we were out of bread and I picked up a few items we needed that there are no sales on and spent about $16.  For the rest of the day we are eating out of the stockpile, kept the A/C at 78 while I’m relaxing and 76 while cleaning, the lights have been off all day and we are keeping up with our exercise videos to stay healthy and save money over a gym membership.  As I was relaxing today the cable started acting up again and that pushed me to make the phone call I’ve been putting off since I’ve been so busy.  Dave and I have talked and agreed to cancel the cable because of the lack luster service, the ever increasing bill and the fact that there is nothing on TV anymore so I called today and figured out how much it was going to cost to keep just the internet and then proceeded to listen to her sales pitches on different ways to save and finally let her talk me into a basic cable plan with the internet.  We are going to purchase an antennae and see how well it works, if it works great I’ll call and cancel the basic cable if it doesn’t work well we’ll return it and keep the cable for now.

So today I spent $16 and saved over $50/month on the cable.  I have been clicking on all my “paid” emails, searching through Swagbucks, using Superpoints, and any other chance I can to add to our funds.   How have you been doing?  I’d love to hear how your quest to save is going.

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