Dry Idea Winner

Sorry about the delay in posting the winner to this giveaway I’ve been super busy lately.


The winner of 2 coupons for FREE Dry Idea Deodorant is

Entry #20 Theresa Melix for Liking Living On A Budget on FB

as an added bonus I am giving away one more coupon to the runner up

Entry #18 Lori Edmonds for Sharing the giveaway on FB


Ladies you both have 24 hours to email me at bellemitchell702 @ gmail.com with your mailing address and your coupons will be on there way!!

Just as a not for any future giveaways I do check that you are meeting the requirements to enter so please don’t just click the button and claim that you did something if you did not :(  I had to disqualify 2 winners for that tonight.

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Precious said...

Miss your posts. I hope all is well with you and your family.

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