What we’ve been doing to save $$

Here’s a run down of the things we did yesterday to save some money:

  • Washed all of Shawn’s uniforms for school and then air dryed them (this saves me $1 on the dryer and will also extend the life of his clothes)
  • Washed and gathered all the containers for school lunches (the cost of a school lunch is insane, I can make a much better tasting lunch for Shawn and send it with him to school)
  • Drove up to where there was an advertised estate sale (I love to look for deals) which unfortunately had closed earlier than scheduled but stopped at Winn-Dixie on the way home (this store is going out of business and there wine was 40% off I bought 2 bottles saving myself and my mother in law some money)
  • Set up my sprout container to grow my own sprouts.  (Tray system was bought at 75% off at Target and I’m hoping it’ll grow some nice additions for my salads and stir fry)
  • While at Winn-Dixie I picked up some frozen popcorn chicken for 20% off and made cheap and easy “Boneless Wings” for dinner (quenching my urge for Gator’s All You Can Eat wings and obviously saving $$)


Today was Shawn’s first day of school but we managed to do a few things to save some money

  • The TV was off for most of the day (saving electric)
  • The lights were also off all day
  • We ran errands in a circle to save on gas
  • Picked up free Airwick Compacts at Walgreens to add to my yardsale pile (hopefully this will be a profit but if not 5 of them cost me only $1.40 and would be nice in Christmas baskets)
  • Went to Publix and stocked up on a few cheap and easy meals and 10 jars of Peanut Butter, it was about .70 a jar which is a stock up price since we go through appox 15 sandwiches a week here
  • We stopped at the library on the way to pick up Shawn and picked up a book for myself and one for Shawn (free reading for both of us)
  • Tonight I’m working on a cross stitch gift and Dave is watching a movie on Netflix for Wii.  Neither are exactly free but both very cheap entertainment.

I’m sure there are other things that I’ve missed but I’m just too tired to remember.  I’m a horrible nightowl with occasional insomnia issues so getting up at 6:30 this morning was very draining.  Hopefully I’ll get on a schedule very soon.  So what have you been doing to save money??  I’d love hear it helps me think of new things to do around here.

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