Goal Recap

So last month was not as successful as I would have liked it to be but we did ok.  So lets see how well it worked out.

  • I’d really really like to stop eating out.
    • Well this was kinda successful and kinda a failure.  LOL  We didn’t eat out as much and did make lots of efforts to pack lunches when we went out but we still ate out too often.  I’m going to try to rework this and strive for a good August.
  • I’m really hoping that by the end of the month we have started the house buying process
    • Let’s just say I don’t generally wish ill on people but I am not wishing the owners of the house we have been waiting on much well.  We waited and waited and finally all the bank was requiring was a few pieces of paperwork from them and they are not speaking to each other and therefore not signing a paper.  UGH!!!  We are putting in another offer today on a different house so we’ll keep this goal for next month.
  • We need to put away some money for moving expenses.
    • We did manage to put some away but not as much as I would have liked so we will keep plugging along.
  • I will most likely be putting off another yard sale
    • Well I really wanted to put this off until we moved or the fall but that apartment complex is hosting a community sale this weekend so I’m going to drag out as much stuff as I can.  I’ll be doing this sale alone since Dave has to take Shawn to his skating lessons so I’m not going to be doing as big of a sale as I normally would but we’ll get some extra money to put away.
  • There are some things that will sell better on Ebay/Craigslist then at a yardsale so I need to get those listed now and just get rid of them.
    • I did get rid of a few things and I’m still pulling some stuff to sell on Ebay.  The hubby has a few things that he wants me to list and I have a few other things to list as well I just need to find boxes and figure out shipping for them.
  • I would love to start and get my photography business off the ground and running.
    • Well I tried one method and didn’t like it so this is still a work in progress.  It’s also been too stinkin warm out to get out and take many photos.  Hopefully it’ll get more bearable this month.
  • I really would like to sell one item (at least) on Etsy this month.
    • Those ideas are all still in my head.  But I’ve been getting much closer I actually got the stuff out the other day and plan on keeping up until I get something sellable.
  • My last goal for this month is to host 2 Thirty-One gifts parties.  I really need to use the opportunity to increase our savings and haven’t been.
    • I only had 1 party for July which isn’t bad.  Two parties is a lofty goal when you haven’t had much success but 1 party is better than nothing.

I’ll be working on my August goals today and let you know what we will be trying to accomplish for August.  Please feel free to link up to your goal recaps or just let us know how you did this month.

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Precious said...

Oh Tiffany I so hope you get the house that you put the offer in on! Fingers crossed! :-)

Great goals!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Precious I hope so too!!! I'm hoping to get a new batch of goals up tonight for August but I think they will be alot of the same things. Including get back into saving every penny.

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