August Goals!!!

I’m finally getting around to posting and making some goals for the month.  Nevermind it’s a week in to the month LOL.

  • We have been trying to stop eating out completely and that hasn’t worked so this month we are limiting it to once a week and always using coupons.
  • We are looking at at least another month of house hunting UGH!!! so we will keep saving and scrimping and putting every extra dollar into the house saving account.  I guess at the rate we are going I might be able to pay for the dang house in cash.  I have no intention of waiting that long either.
  • I’m going to take another stab at the Etsy thing this month.  Here’s hoping I can get something listed this month.
  • I will be hosting at least 1 Thirty-One Gifts party this month even if I have to host it myself and hope that I get enough online orders.  This is an avenue that still needs some work to make it more profitable, so if you’d like to host a party let me know (I’m picking up all embroidery costs this month for hostesses)
  • Shawn starts school in just a couple weeks so I need to get him prepared and that is where all my energy is going to be focused.  This will be a big change for both of us since he has to be up so early and will also be eating lunch very early.  Tomorrow he gets the lunchbox challenge, I’m packing his lunch up like I will be for school and he’s going to have to eat it with no help from mommy.
  • My birthday is at the end of this month and my MIL is coming to visit the next day so I want the house clean (spotless clean) by then.  That will require getting rid of some more of the clutter which is unenjoyable to say the least.
  • I decided against the yardsale today since it’s soooo hot and I wasn’t ready.  I am planning on doing it in Sept so I need to add to the stash stockpile for the sale.  The only different strategy I’ll be trying is pricing things as soon as they come into the house or go into the box for the sale that way I’ll be prepared for the next sale.
  • Oh and my last goal is to finally lose a little weight and keep up with my workout regime.  And remember to take it easier when I do workout since I’m currently in pain from working out 2 days ago, I’ll be skipping squats for a long time.

So what are your goals for the month??  Are you trying something new or just getting ready to adjust to the school year schedule?  I can’t wait to figure out what to do with all my extra quiet time when Shawn’s at school for 7 hours a day!!!

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Precious said...

We are working on our goal of eating healthier and trying to lose a few pounds while we are at it.

Good luck on your budget for your house hunt and the actual finding the house of your dreams. I am pulling for you.

Tiffany said...

Thanks Precious I can't wait until the hunt is over. And good luck with losing a few pounds I know you'll keep your hubby on the right path.

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