A fresh start

It’s June 1st which means we all get a clean slate and get to reset our goals and go go go!!!!

This year has been a hard one for my little family and a very spendy one.  I haven’t been doing the deals like I used to, we’ve been overwhelmed by too much going on and of course those semi unexpected costs have been hitting us like a one two punch.  Let me tell you the first half of this year has managed to knock me and our spending out of whack but it’s a fresh start and I’m getting back on track for this half!

In order to recoup some of our costs and rebuild our savings I’m getting tighter than tight.  No eating out, no single drink purchases, no spending on much.  Too often in the past few months I’ve been too tired or overwhelmed and have just said lets get something out not this month, Shawn is getting out of school so some of my life will be slowing down and I’ll be doing more to have a few quick meals in the house.  We spend too much money at the gas station and we aren’t spending it all on gas we get drinks/sodas in an effort to stop this spending I’ll be purchasing soda when on sale.  I hate buying soda but it’s certainly cheaper to buy a 2 liter at Walmart/Publix than it is to buy a 20oz at the gas station. 

We have 2 more weekends of Star Wars weekends and I will be making sandwiches and refilling some water bottles so that we won’t have to buy any food/drinks while we are there.  I’m going to be striving to live off of $50 a week (not including gas) so let’s see how I do.  I’m not even sure if it will be possible but we’ll see, the one exception to this will be if I receive any orders for my crafts but even with those I’m going to strive to use what I have instead of buying more.

Is anyone else looking at their savings account and wishing it would grow??  Join me on a quest for a frugal summer where we can grow our bottom line.

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Precious said...

I am with you. With prices so high now, I am having a harder time keeping our savings balances up and that is what we live off of.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by Precious!!

I know that I really need to sit down and readjust some of our priorities and try to catch back up. For some reason I keep feeling like life is getting away from me and things are out of control that has to end and that is what this month is going to be about.

Maria said...


I too am very guilty of spending way to much money at the gas station on drinks and snacks. It is amazing how the little things add up. I currently have a few
Coke coupons for free drinks that I cashed in from My Coke Rewards. After I use those I have decided to put a small cooler in the car that holds a couple of drinks. This will come in handy while out running errands with the kids.

Precious said...

Thanks for the Free coupons. They arrived today. I will be using them soon especially since I am on my last bottle of detergent.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by Maria. A cooler would really help, I have a bigger one that I keep in the car in the summer for groceries but I might need to start tossing a few drinks in there too. Thanks for the idea!!

Precious- Glad to hear your coupons got there safely. Please enjoy, I hope you like the detergent as much as I do.

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