I Love VistaPrint!!

Today features a can't-miss deal for any camper - a FREE Tote Bag! It's the perfect accessory for carrying everything your camper needs, like swimming gear, clothing and other personal belongings to and from activities. 

If you’ve never purchased anything from VistaPrint let me tell you they are a fantastic company and produce great quality items and offer so many great freebies.  When I first started this blog I printed business cards at home and after about 2 months I found VistaPrint and worked out the math that it was cheaper to get my cards through them then it was for me to even buy the business card paper never mind the ink!  Since then I’ve ordered 100’s of cards, postcards, business banners, stamps, and labels.  And I’ve always been soo happy with the results, so if you need anything printed including this adorable bag click the link and check them out you won’t be disappointed.

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