Planning for a cheap weekend

We are planning on attending the Nationwide race in Daytona this Friday night and it is my goal to spend as little money as possible.  I suspect we will probably buy a toy car or two for Shawn and we will have to put gas in the car but it is my hope that we spend no more money than that.  So far this is what we plain to do.

  1. I will be packing lunch and lots of snacks so that we don’t have to purchase food while we are there.  Since we are planning on going early we’ll need lunch and dinner so I’ll pack sandwiches, fruits and snacks
  2. Drinks is another big deal.  It will be July and hot so we will need lots of drinks so I will be packing water, beers for later when it cools off, soda, juice etc.

I have a couple of thermal totes that should carry everything pretty well.  I will also be bringing sunscreen and a tote bag to carry all of our goodies.  I already checked and know what size bags/totes we are allowed to bring in with us so we should be good to go.

So are you making plans for this weekend?  Make sure you plan accordingly and have lots of drinks along with you!!

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