A trip to Publix

I made a quick trip to Publix today and will probably make another one tomorrow since I have to return a Blockbuster free rental.  My store accepts Target and Winn-Dixie as competitors so I used those today along with manufacturer’s coupons.  Here’s what I got:

  • 4 Kellogg’s Cereals BOGO $4.49  -$1/2 mq’s  and $1/3 TQ =$1.50 each
    • these were the big boxes and we are running low on kid cereals especially with the boy going through a growth spurt so there weren’t a bad price
  • 4 NutriGrain Bars BOGO $3.49 -$1/2 TQ  =$1.25 each
    • these are great for Dave to take to work and for me to throw in my purse when we go out cheap snacks help save us money at gas stations
  • 2 Dannon Activia $2 each -$1/2 MQ  =$1.50 each
    • Dave has been eating these and likes this one flavor so I bought a couple more
  • Cars Bandaids $2.59 –.50 MQ and .75 PQ =$1.34 (kids)
    • not a great price and I have cheaper plain ones but the boy realllllly wanted them LOL
  • 4 Crystal Light on the go BOGO $2.99  -$1 mq and $1/4 TQ =.25 each
    • This is a great price and are great to take to Disney (get a cup of free ice water and add one of these)
  • 2 Smuckers Shell Syrup $1.89 -$1 PQ and .55 MQ =.34 each
    • at this price they’ll be nice to have around
  • 2 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream BOGO $4.49  -$1/2 MQ = $1.75
    • for this it’s a good price and since we don’t eat much ice cream it’ll be nice to have these every once in a while in our favorite flavors
  • 2 Oscar Meyer Deli Creations BOGO $2.50  -$1 MQ  =.25 each
    • For this price I’m going to try and get a few more.  Dave has been working really odd hours and this will give him some more meal options

I spent $16.69 on everything above since I used a $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupon and I will be entering my codes off all the kellogg’s products and sending in for 2 $5 gas gift cards.  I’m going to try and plan another trip for tomorrow since I have one more WD coupon and wouldn’t mind stocking up on more cereal/snack bars.

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