I know that I had full intentions of getting the grocery deals up today but truth be told when you are just feeling alittle better you can't get nearly as much done as you plan. I have started taking my notes for the week and will hopefully get in done early tomorrow.

Just a little grocery note for anyone with an Albertson's in the area check your ad. My local store has a buy 1 get 2 free coupon for seasoned boneless chicken breast which I can use at Publix. They also are advertising 3 items in a 10 pounds for $10 sale those items are fresh whole pork picnics, bone in pork country style ribs, and bone in chicken breast. I will be looking in my freezer for some extra room and seeing what I can stock up on. For $30 you could end up with 30 pounds of meat which to me is beyond a great deal.

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