A "Sweet" Morning

This morning the new Sweetbay had their grand opening and it pays to go early for these deals. So we took Dave to work and Shawn and I headed over to the Sweetbay. There was a bit of a line to get in when we got there but it was well worth it.

The first freebie was a pineapple at the door then just inside there was a man with a huge bowl of fresh strawberries. YUM!!!! Strawberries were on sale fresh from Plant City and very yummy so we picked up a 2 lb package. Then they were giving away free carnations and free cookies so Shawn had a cookie and got mommy a flower. I went around to use the mailer coupons we got for free butter and a free loaf of bread (I live in an apartment and sifted through the mail trash and snagged several of these so I'll be going several times over the next week to stock up on butter). When we got to the checkout the butter coupon ended up taking off $2.50 even though the butter was on sale for $2 so I paid $2.49. On the way out they were giving out reusable shopping bags filled with goodies. The bag had a bottle of apple juice, a box of cereal, a box of wafers, and a box of spaghetti all Hannaford brand.

Then we headed over to CVS and picked up the milk I needed on sale for $3.29 and some glade candles, tissues, and a few other things. I paid .75 oop there. When we were leaving I decided at the price for strawberries I would go back and get some more and freeze them for when they aren't so cheap. We headed back and received another free pineapple and another bag of goodies on the way out. I told them we had already been in once and were just coming in to get some more strawberries but they didn't care. My total that trip was $2.99

We are going to go out to the farmer's market tomorrow morning to get the rest of the produce for the week hopefully cheaper than the grocery stores. The best part of that is we will be supporting the local growers who need the help the most in this economy.

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