Just took a quick trip to CVS today. I needed some envelopes and packing paper for a couple of my ebay auctions so I might as well get it free. No picture today sorry I'm cleaning so everything got put away asap. I did 2 orders one my card one on Dave's card.

3 Padded Envelopes
1 roll of Packing Paper
4 Colgate toothpastes ($1.50 mq)
2 Gillette Razors ($5 mq from Daytona yesterday)
4 25ct packs of CVS brand cotton rounds
1 Mylanta Cherry ($2 IPQ)
2 Glucerna Shakes
2 Glucerna Cereals
2 25% more CVS brand cheezits

I spent $1.25 oop and broke even on ECB's after all my coupons

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