Back to normalish

My family has all gone back to their homes and life will be getting back to normal. We had a great week in my grandma's memory. I didn't do much deal shopping while everyone was here so nothing great to report.

Today I went to CVS and picked up Nyquil and Dayquil and my newspapers. Ended up spending a couple more extra bucks then I got back but we go through Nyquil/Dayquil so it was worth it for me.

I went to Walgreen's afterwards. I got 4 boxes of Reynold's wrap, 6 Hershey's bars, and gillette razor for about $5.50 after coupons and got back a $6 RR. Turned around and used that $6 RR on 2 boxes of Theraflu and will be putting in for the $6 rebate through Walgreen's.

I haven't done the rebates there in awhile, I had a bad experience and lost a lot of rebates about 6 months ago. But I am willing to give them another shot, I will only be doing deals there that are free or money makers and we'll see how it goes for now. If all goes well I'll start having some rebates sent to my mom since I do most of her H&B shopping anyways. So what deals did you get in on this week? What great things did I miss?

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Frugal Girls! said...

Way to go at Walgreens! My Walgreens had Pringles on clearance for 45c, and then I combined that with a 35c/3 manufacturer coupon. Don't ya just love Walgreens?

Tosha said...

oh, how I miss drugstore mm's! My goal is to get back into it the 1st of the month. Great job:)

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