A Huge Suprise

from the FedEx man today.  The very generous people at Zhu Zhu and Mom Select picked me to host a Kung Zhu Party.  I forgot I even applied and they didn’t send me an email till after the box came today.  Thank goodness they sent something because I was losing my mind trying to figure out where it came from.


The boys will have a blast as soon as I figure out when to have the party.  Life is super crazy right now but I’ll do something soon.






Yes everything in those 2 pictures came in the box it was HUGE!!!!  They were gracious enough to send 1 of everything in the Kung Zhu line and enough hamsters and outfits for each child to leave with one.

Shawn has already claimed his hamster and is playing with it upstairs so far he loves it.  He had a regular Zhu Zhu pet but his new one is much more boy.  I can’t wait to share with you all once they play with some more of the toys.


I am not receiving any money for my review of this product but did receive product free of charge to test and review.

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