Where did June go??

I swear I blinked and it was gone.  It seems like just last week Shawn was graduating from preK and now it’s almost July.  What happened I know I couldn’t have slept through it because I’m exhausted.  I’m fairly sure I shopped and probably spent too much but who knows it seems like it was a blur.

I’m determined to actually see July go by.  LOL  On the calender so far for this month is every Saturday we’ll be at skate lessons with Shawn from 11:45 to probably after 2.  Lessons aren’t that long they are only 45 minutes but public skating starts at 2 and it’s included in his lessons so that he can practice.  Since these lessons are about 30-45 minutes away I’m going to be doing some research as to what shopping I could do out there and we’ll be packing a lunch each week to eat.

We are also going to the Nationwide race in Daytona this Friday.  I got a great deal on tickets on Groupon we’ll be there for most of the day on Friday so again we are taking the cooler and my Thirty-One Thermal Tote bags so that we can save some money.  You don’t even want to know the prices they charge at the track but you can take small soft coolers with whatever you want in them so we’ll be bringing our own drinks, snacks, beers, etc

I have been talking to Dave and I am going to try my best to make every meal we eat this month.  Friday may be the only exception depending on where we have to park we may be forced to eat one meal out and carry one meal in the totes.  If we can park close to the track then we can go back to the car between the practices and the race.  Most of the time we end up eating out because I’m too tired to cook or I didn’t get anything out so I’m going to make sure we have spaghetti on hand for those days.

I’ll also be putting my new camera to good use and hopefully get my photography business off the ground.  I’ve been wanting for years to take family/kids photos and to sell my own personal photographs.  I have some beautiful photos and I would love to start selling some prints.  I figure why not make some money off something I’m really good at and am doing anyways.  In the next few months I’m also going to start listing some of my homemade goodies on Etsy in an effort to help bring some more money in to fund our savings. 

In the meantime I seem to be here floating along and keeping my head above water.  I’m hoping at least the electric bill is lower since I don’t remember keeping the AC too high.  So how have you been saving??

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coupon challenged said...

We are headed out for a week of camping with our trailer and 5 teenagers and one toddler so I have been cooking and baking all week. We always make all our meals for camping as feeding all those people out would cost a fortune. Cooking ahead saves me work too so I can just heat and serve and the frozen containers help keep the ice chests cool. Have fun at the races. I am a big Nascar fan.

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