I’m such a slacker


Sorry I haven’t been around much lately but the best laid plans seem to always go wonky.  Life has been crazy and promises to get crazier as we get closer to Shawn’s graduation but then once school is out and we can get into a routine life should calm right down until the end of August.  LOL

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But just because life is hectic doesn’t mean I haven’t been trying to save money s till.  Doesn’t this look yummy??  Instead of spending a giftcard (earned doing surveys) on a pricey drink I bought this cup and a bag of ground coffee.  And today instead of spending $4.85 (yes I know exact prices because I’ve fallen victim too many time) on a coffee I made one at home for free.  I love this cup since it doesn’t sweat or spill and I can take it with me where ever we go.

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The other day I went to check the mail and found a $5 bill just laying in my mailbox.  Ok so it’s not really a $5 bill but it’s just as good as one.  I live right across the street from Walmart so using this won’t even take me out of my way.

Over the course of the next few days you won’t even believe what I found.blog 006

That’s right I found 7 more free $5 giftcards lying in the recycling/trash bin down by the mailbox.  I love living in a wealthy neighborhood where people throw $5 bills in the trash where $5 isn’t worth anything to people.  OH wait I don’t live in a wealthy neighborhood.  Half of my neighbors work at that Walmart, I’ve heard many of them complaining about money and they all show up for free food at the block parties.  Yet they throw away money I tell you when we move I’m still going to visit the trash here.

As for the rest of my shopping I’ll try to check back in later to share the details and my monthly recap.  Right now I’m going to go have a talk with my coupons and coax all the expired ones out afterall using coupons is alot easier if they are organized.

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Frances said...

Why in the world would anyone throw away a gift card?!!

Good job on making your own coffee and saving that money!

Tiffany said...

I wonder the same thing but than again I've gotten $10 off $10 Penney's coupons, $10 gift cards to Kohls, and all sorts of free food coupons out of that trash. I guess they just don't want to be bothered to look at the mail. If we find a house near here I'm serious about coming back when I get a coupon/giftcard in the mail heck if they are just going to throw it away I might as well use it or give it to someone I know will use it.

Precious said...

People never fail to amaze me! Good for you cashing in!

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