An expensive trip to Publix

I went to Publix today and spent too much.  The total made me take pause but it was worth it I suppose.  I spent $47.04 and saved $54.44 of that $22 was in coupons.  So what did I get that cost so much well here goes along with the reasons:

  • 2 Stupid Star Wars Pez dispensers .79 each  We shall call this one of the costs of taking the Star Wars nuts with me, the little nut sees the Star Wars characters and the big nut sees the clearance tag and into the cart they went.
  • 2 boxes Glad ForceFlex trashbags $3.85 each We were finally out of the trashbags I got almost a year ago at Sweetbay for free thankfully Glad released a high value coupon.  I did some quick math and decided to buy the bigger boxes even though they cost me more I was getting a better value per bag, now if I can just limit the amount of bags we use I’ll be a happy woman.
  • 6 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal at $1 a box   I know how much cheaper it is to buy the cans of oats and make my own oatmeal but I also know that then I’m the only one who’ll eat it.  Shawn proclaims that he doesn’t like oatmeal but he loves “Magic” Oatmeal (oatmeal with dinosaur eggs)  So I’ll gladly pay $1 a box for oatmeal that he’ll eat with no fights (6:30 is too early to fight with him about breakfast)
  • 3 boxes of Poptarts for $1.27 a box This was a moment of mommy weakness, Shawn has been seeing kids at school or on the bus with Poptarts.  So every day for a week now I’ve heard I want Pop-Tarts they were 50% off today and tomorrow only so I caved and bought 3 12pk boxes.  These should last me a couple of months unless Dave starts eating them.
  • 2 Yoplait Yo-Plus FREE This is a no brainer it’s healthy, Shawn likes yogurt (I don’t) and it was free too bad I only had 2 coupons.
  • 2 Whole Fruit Sorbet .95 each   DH and I are both looking to lose a little weight and we both seem to have evening munchy cravings.  I’m hoping a few bites of fat free sweets will help stave off the desire to snack.
  • Sirloin Filet $6.64  We’ve eaten too much chicken lately and it was either splurge on some nice steaks or go out to eat since I really wanted some red meat.  This is much much cheaper than even eating fast food even though it was a splurge for us.
  • 2 Country Crock .65 each  We were starting to run low on spreadable butter so I picked up a couple hoping a better coupon comes out soon.
  • Boston Butt Roast $4.84  This was a much better price for meat but it’s pork and not what I wanted.  The size of this roast will feed us for at least 2 nights and probably 1-2 lunches for me.
  • 2 Kraft Homesytle Mac & Cheese  .30 each  I’m not sure if this stuff is any good but for the price I picked up a couple to have on hand
  • 2 Halls Cough Drops  .32 each  Dave has a cold with a cough and goes through these fast at work so I’ll be going back with more coupons to try and keep my stock ahead of him.
  • 12pk of Red Stripe 9.99  can you believe that this actually had a coupon??  We can add this to the cost of having the hubby with me.

Everything purchased was on sale and most of it had a coupon as well, my total may have been high but I refuse to pay full price even for meat.  Some weeks will be better than others this was an OK week to stock up on some stuff but still a pricey week.  I bet in a month when I still have oatmeal I’ll be happy with this shopping trip since 1 box of oatmeal runs $3.99 at Publix.

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