Money Savings Greatness!!!

Today we decided to head up to Aldi’s, I’ve never been in ours and was curious.  I made sure I brought the Michaels ad since it’s in the same plaza and we planned on getting gas at BJ’s since we were up there.  On the way there I saw that gas was $3.00 at Walmart or $2.97 with their giftcard when we passed the BJ’s sign it was $2.99 so we decided to stop at Walmart on the way home.

We stopped in Michaels and I picked up a few items on sale.  I got a skein of yarn to make some fingerless gloves as a gift and a scrapbooking item on clearance from $12.xx to $2.49, I was happy with that price and hope to make it into something I can sell for $10+

Then we stopped in BJ’s.  I don’t shop there much but my mother in law has a card and added us onto hers so that we could pick up things and get gas.  We shopped the ends of all the aisles looking for any good clearance and wandered around the fresh produce and meats but nothing was screaming buy me.  Dave and Shawn tasted all the goodies which get them happy to wait until we got home for lunch.

Next was Aldi’s and I can honestly say that I am pleasantly surprised!!  Here’s what we got

  • Banana’s .39/lb At Walmart they are currently costing me .55/lb so this was a great price.  The bag I got are all green but we still have a few left so they’ll be ripe just in time.
  • Cranberry Juice $1.79  this isn’t a great price but is the cost of taking Dave with me.  He didn’t tell me he wanted Cranberry Juice but when he saw it wanted it.   Men, LOL
  • Eiswein  $9.99 It’s still chilling so I can’t tell you yet if it was a good price.  I really like Ice Wine but it is generally very pricey so I splurged
  • Meatballs $1.99 this was my best buy I think.  We love meatballs there is about 30 in the bag so 2 meals (they are small) but for $1 a meal this is great.  I’m horrible at making meatballs so I don’t bother and these did taste good so I’ll buy more next time I go up
  • Milk was only $2.09 that is .90 cheaper than the sale price at Walgreen’s this week and 1.10 cheaper than Walmarts price.

I’ll be going back to Aldi’s for some of the staples the next time I am out that way.

Then on the way home we saw our favorite radio station had a truck out by the pawn shop that we frequent so we stopped in quickly to see what was going on.  Turns out the Aamco was having a grand opening thing so we checked everything out and entered the raffle.  We got some coupons for oil changes and free lunch, just as we were getting ready to leave they announced they would be doing the drawing for the raffle so we stuck around and waited.  The radio personality drew a bunch of names for an alignment and of course we didn’t win.  But the second name we called for a free oil change was MINE!!!!!  and then 3 names later he called Dave’s so we each won a free oil change which came at a great time since we both need one.

Talk about a profitable shopping day!!  Tonight we are playing Scrabble (christmas gift) so the dang TV will be off for the evening and so will the computer as soon as I’m done typing.  Have a fabulous weekend and let me know how you’ve been saving this week.

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4 comments: said...

I miss shopping at Aldi's it is a great store and always saved there. The pancake syrup there is surprisingly good as I remember. It is nice and orderly too, and my kids always loved putting the cart back so they could get the quarter. That is so smart. I am glad you enjoyed it, and had a great day.

Precious said...

I LOVE Aldi's. I just saw that meatball deal. You can't beat it!

Tiffany said...

I'm going back up this week and stocking up on meatballs. I can't buy beef that cheap and I'd like to get a few bags before the price goes up. We do love meatballs around here and it's the only way I can convince DH to eat spaghetti.

Anonymous said...

Their meatballs are great. As is most of the stuff at Aldi. The only thing(s) that immediately come to mind that were yucky are the cheese curls/puffs. Blech.

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