What we’re doing to save

These are a few things we’ve been doing to save some money:

  • Last night I cut Shawn’s hair.  About a year ago I spent $18 on a very good Wahl clipper set and it has more than paid for itself.  So I saved myself $12-$15 on a haircut.
  • I had lunch at home and used up some leftovers and dinner will also be at home and using up leftovers so that no food is going to waste.
  • All the lights have been off today since it’s a beautiful sunny day, the windows are also open.  This morning instead of turning the heat on to warm it up (windows were open and it got chilly in the house) we just used blankets until it warmed up.
  • I spent part of the morning checking out the Publix ad for tomorrow and clipping coupons so I will be ready to go shop tomorrow morning.  Next on my list is to find deals for Target so I can do all the shopping while I’m out to save gas.
  • I also clipped coupons for a trip to Walgreen’s while I’m out tomorrow.
  • Tonight we’ll stay in and relax.  Dave got a couple new Wii games for Christmas to play and I have about 10 different craft projects started so I’ll be working on one of those.

What are you doing to save some money??  Do you know how much money you can save just by staying home?  Between gas and impulse purchases it really adds up.

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Precious said...

Nice list of money saving things. I love to stay home because that way I don't spend any money. :-)

I am so jealous of you opening your windows.

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