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So I ventured up the road to head to Michaels this afternoon.  My first stop was at BJ’s


I had coupons for 3lbs of bananas for free and for the pack of cornbread for free.  I also picked up a box of Sam Adams lager for Dave.  We’ve been noticing the price increasing lately and this is one of his favorite beers, BJ’s has 24 pks for $24.99 but they also had bonus packs of 28 for the same price so I dug out one of the bigger boxes and brought it home.  Given that a 6pk is up to $9 and the 12pks are about $14-$16 I figured 28 for $25 was a good deal.  009

Then I headed to Michael’s to use my 25% off coupon, I refrained from going too nuts and only spent about $12.  I got Shawn a couple of little projects and picked up some odds and ends that are almost never on sale, I also picked up some Jolee’s stones for really cheap since they were already on sale.  If you have a Michael’s nearby be on the look out for that stack of paper.  I never buy 25pks of paper because they are usually not a good deal per sheet but this pack was 90% off since it’s Christmas (see the little red berries) for .39 I was happy to take it.

I was going to stop at Aldi’s and the dollar store while I was up there but I was just ready to be done shopping so I said to heck with it and headed for home.  I wrestled with my self and decided to stop into Walgreen’s to get some more Chex even though we probably didn’t need it.


I had a plan all worked out in my head.  I was going to run in get the Nivea shave gel with my $3.50 RR and pay change and get back a $3 RR to use on my Chex Mix again to pay change and get $3.50 back.  Well that’s kind of how it went but look at that pic again, I rounded the corner at the back of the store and found a clearance endcap.  I’m a clearance junkie so I looked through and found 3 PhotoStamp boxes marker $1 each.  Now if you don’t know what they are the box includes a gift certificate to get 20 stamps with a picture of yours on them plus free shipping.  That’s over $26 in stamps for $3, I’m so glad that I stopped.

My last stop was to Publix to return the free Blockbuster Rentals we got yesterday.  While I was there I picked up some fresh zucchini for dinner and 12 pks of cough drops.  The cough drops cost me .32/pk which is a buy it stock up price for me.  Now hopefully Dave won’t go through them in one cold.  So how has your shopping gone?  I am done shopping until Thursday unless there is a great deal that I can’t just pass up.

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Precious said...

Wow! You really scored a deal on those Stamp Photoboxes.Good for you!

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