Starting the New Year

I wanted to keep track of my spending but with company being here it’s been considerably harder.  My mother in law goes home on Wednesday so I will be starting fresh on Thursday with tracking my pennies.

But just because we have one extra around and have been running around like crazy doesn’t mean that I haven’t been trying to save some money.  Today I headed to Walgreens and picked up the children’s medicine that is free after RR with a $2 coupon, a Electrasol dishwasher detergent, 4 pks of Nyquil/Dayquil, 1 Vicks Sniffer thing and some Tilex.  I was able to roll my RR’s to minimize my out of pocket. 

  • Analysis- We have very little children’s medicine after doing some inventory so I need to stock up on a few things in case Shawn catches a cold especially when it works out to be free, the detergent was also free and stores well so I stock when I can, Nyquil/Dayquil is my hubby’s drug of choice when he is under the weather it’s also very expensive when not on sale at less than $1 each I will keep them on hand, the Tilex is the only cleaning product I would ever pay full price for and it was on sale after coupon for $1 each so it was time to pick up 2 this is one of the few things that makes my mildew prone shower easy to clean.

We went out originally with the purpose of my mother in law picking up a few things at Disney for gifts so I stopped at Property Control on the way home (Property Control is a special shopping area for Cast Members) they recently added a very small grocery section and they have sandwich loaves of bread for .95 since we are low I picked up 1 loaf and while we were there I picked up a package of sliced provolone.  I will be checking around to see how good of a deal I got but it was good enough (2.5lbs for $6) for right now.  I broke up the package into smaller groups and froze them for future use.

I’ve also been watching the electricity used around the house.  It’s been warm lately so the windows have been open with the fans on in the evenings to cool down the upstairs.  We’ve been trying to only use the lights with the saver bulbs in them eventually I will change all the lights out but only as I can get them cheaply.

So how has your year started out?  Are you prepared to make 2011 your best financial year yet??  Together we can save on our bills and increase our savings/net worth.

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Precious said...

It' so nice that you have family there for the holidays. It's such fun!

Good stock up at Walgreens. That was a smart move on the childrens meds. Eventually they do get colds.

You are off to a great start!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Precious hopefully we can keep it up and really step up after my Mother In Law goes home tomorrow. Less going out will equal less spending.

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