Walgreen’s this morning

Like I said in my last post Sunday mornings I get up read through the paper and then go online.  I saw that people were getting a great deal on Maalox and Chex Mix at Walgreens so we headed out to get my papers and get in on the Chex Mix deal since it’s good today only.  So here’s how it worked out to be profitable:

006 First off I got my newspapers at the gas station.  I found a free coffee coupon for this gas station when I was cleaning out my wallet and decided I’d go redeem it today since it’s very chilly out.  While I was there I picked up 3 newspapers and a doughnut (did I mention I prefer shopping without Shawn) and I 24 oz coffee for $5.25 then we headed to Walgreen’s:

  • 6 bags of Chex Mix –I personally don’t care for this but Shawn and Dave like it and it worked out to be really cheap so I picked them up for lunchbox stuffers.  From what I’ve read this is a one day great deal, it’s on sale this week 3 bags for $3.99 and there’s a .99/3 Wag’s coupon.  When you buy 5 or 6 bags you get a $3.50 RR and I have .75/2 coupons from hosting a Chex Mix Get Together a few months ago (they sent me over 50 coupons and I still have some left after giving bunchs away).  So these bags worked out to be .42 each after RR I will be getting some more later today since I have some more coupons and this will get used.
  • 2 Pantene this was on sale 2/$7 with a $2 RR and there was a coupon for $3/2 in the recent P&G.  I usually don’t pay a $1 per bottle for shampoo but Dave has been having a few issues lately with his shampoo so I picked these up since he really likes this type and we are all out of Pantene
  • 6 Maalox yup this one is excessive since we don’t use it very often.  This size bottle is on sale at my store for $5.09 and there is a monthly deal (I think) when you spend $30 you get $10 RR back.  I found 5  $5mq in my stash which made this a $4 money maker.  I’ll be calling family and seeing if anyone uses this after that I’ll check the expiration dates and donate any that expire within the next year if there is any left they will get priced and added to the yardsale totes.
  • 2 Noodle things $1 I wanted to make sure my coupon to item ratio was good (I hate buying crappy candy at the register) Dave can take these to work for lunch when it’s chilly out for a hot meal.  They may not be the healthiest but they don’t require refrigeration and are quick/easy to make.

In total today I spent $4.78 at Walgreen’s and used a $10 RR from last week.  I got back a $10 RR for the maalox, $3.50 RR for the Chex, and a $2 RR for the Pantene.  For me this was a successful trip I came out about .75 ahead and have some shampoo for Dave, snacks that will last me at least a month, and some donations or additions to my yardsale stock.

So where are you shopping this week?  I’d love to hear how you are doing.  This afternoon I’ll be heading to Michaels to use there 25% off your purchase coupon, while I’m up there I’ll stop at the dollar store, BJ’s (free coupons to use), I’ll get gas since it’s cheapest out that way and if Aldi’s is open I’ll stop there too.

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