Frugally prepping for a party

We are having a small gathering tomorrow for the Super Bowl so of course I have to have some extra food.  But you can host a party and not break the bank and here’s how:

  • We picked up a pizza at Aldi’s today.  We got a 16” sausage and pepperoni pizza for $6.49, to order that same pizza would have cost us more like $10+
  • A few months ago Target had a frozen chicken coupon out so I stocked up on chicken wings.  I’m still trying to decide exactly how I’m going to cook them tomorrow but they will be delicious and with sauce will cost me no more than $5 for 3 pounds.  I also noticed that Aldi had 3 or 4lb bags of wings for $6.99 which would still be alot less expensive then ordering wings from somewhere
  • I picked up 2 containers of French Onion dip at Publix this week for 60 cents each and told one of our guests to bring some plain chips for dipping.
  • I have tons of Chex Mix from that fantastic deal at Walgreen’s a few weeks ago
  • As for drinks we have a good amount of beer left that I bought at Sam’s we also have water, milk, juice, margarita mix, mudslide mix, and daiquiri mix.  All of the guest have been told what we have and have also been told to bring anything that they would like to drink.  Usually everyone brings drinks and we all share when the party is over we generally end up with just about the same amounts of drinks as we started just different types.

So there you go we are hosting a party and spent less than $15 on food and didn’t buy anything special for drinks.  If you are considering hosting a get together don’t be afraid to invite people to bring their favorite drinks or snacks.  This goes for soda as well, we don’t drink much soda so I don’t buy it unleses we are having a birthday party.  But a casual get together doesn’t require me spending all my hard saved money on everyone’s drink whims.

Are you hosting a Superbowl party??  I’d love to hear how you’ve been saving on all the party fixins.  I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the commercials errr I mean the game tomorrow!  Be on the look out as the Superbowl is usually host to some great freebie/coupon commercials.

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Precious said...

Very nice planning on the Superbowl food items!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Precious!! The cheap pizza was surprisingly good and so were the wings too bad the commercials weren't as good as the food.

Precious said...

I laughed at the old people one. Too funny!

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