Saving Money this Week

In an effort to save money this week I’ve been staying home.  I have twelve million projects that need to be worked on so it’s not like there is nothing to do around here LOL.  I updated my coupon box and tossed the old inserts that were all expired and filed the new inserts away and while I was at it I pulled coupons to run to Publix and Target.

My Publix trip wasn’t nearly what I had hoped it would be since they didn’t have any of the Hartz dog biscuits I wanted.  The upside is I got a raincheck and since I haven’t received the extra coupons I ordered yet the raincheck will probably come in handy.  I’ll be checking back since I’m getting 20 coupons and already had 4 so I need lots of boxes of treats, I will not be keeping all these treats for my dog most of them will be going to the local shelter.  Here’s what I did get

  • Publix Apple Juice $1.99 no coupon but we are in desperate need here
  • 2 Reddi-Whip Topping  BOGO $4.29 -$1/2 mq from All You  This was actually something I wanted to pick up since we will be having Valentine’s dinner at home and this will be great for dessert plus Shawn loves it on his strawberries.
  • 2 Barilla Spaghetti Sauce BOGO $2.49  we are out of sauce and have lots of meatballs thanks to Aldi’s and Shawn has been bugging me for spaghetti so I picked up a couple of cheap jars
  • 2lbs of Bananas $1.37  I hope the price starts to go back down as it warms up
  • 2 Coffee-Mate Creamers FREE with coupons received from having a Game Night party with them
  • 2 cans of veggies
    • So I spent just about $10 for some things we needed, not the best but when you need things well you end up paying for them.

My Target trip was much more successful:

  • 4 boxes of Finish dishwasher detergent  $2.50 each -$2.25mq  I don’t need this at all right now but for a quarter a piece I’ll gladly add them to my stockpile
  • M&M’s minis valentines pack  $3.29 these are to make little goodie bags for all of Shawn’s friends at school.  They are also the most expensive part of those bags.
    • Those bags are made up of Cello Bags ($1 store), Lollipops ($2 target), Smarties ($1 target), Heart Mazes ($1 $1store), Heart Erasers ($1 Michaels), Pencils ($1 $1store) and those M&M’s so they cost me $10 for 30 goodie bags for all of his friends I suppose they are worth it once a year LOL
  • 8 Reese’s Peanut Butter cup packs  FREE  used BOGO TQ from their website and BOGO MQ that expires tomorrow.
  • Crescent Rolls $2.99 for 2 tubes these will also be used for Valentine’s dessert
  • 2 Philly Cooking Creme’s  they are on sale for $2.21 at my store and there is a $1.50 mq on  I’m curious to try these out and I have plenty of chicken to test them on
    • I spent about $15 on everything plus I got .10 in bag credits.  I put this all on my Target card and received an additional 5% off and immediately went and paid it off at Customer Service

Continuing on the savings DS and I are both wrapped in blankets to stay warmer tonight so we don’t need the heat on.  Entertainment tonight will be a hockey game for the boys and one of those millions of craft projects for me.  How are you doing saving??

Don’t forget tomorrow is Build and Grow day at Lowes.  At 10am they will be building a heart shaped music box and from 10 to Noon at Michaels the kids can decorate a heart frame for only $1

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Precious said...

I think you did really well. Those banana prices are horrid!

Tiffany said...

We go through so many bananas you'd think I was feeding monkeys I buy the biggest bunches I can when the price is below .50 but .65/lb wasn't what I was hoping for, usually in the spring/summer the price drops around here.

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