A little shopping today

039No I didn’t buy these today do you know how much they charge at the grocery store for these $9.99/lb!!!  I made these yesterday with some of the strawberries I bought last week at the farmer’s market and some chopped up chocolate I got free last year.  But I have done some shopping, yesterday I went to Publix and today I went to Target and Publix.  It looks like I’m going to have to go back to Publix again tomorrow and see if I can find the dog treats I want otherwise I need more rainchecks.

Publix Trip #1

  • Jello-O Mousse $2  -.60mq  These are really good and good for my diet, I have a horrible sweet tooth and each chocolaty good cup is only 60 calories
  • 2 One A Day Jolly Ranchers  $5.99 each -$5/2PQ and $2mq made these .50 each  Dave and I both have trouble with vitamins they make us ill but we’ve found that kids vitamins are easier on us
  • 4 Hartz Crunch Dog Treats BOGO $2.99 -$2mqeach made these a small moneymaker.  Most of these will go to the local dog shelter
  • 4 Zatarrain Jambalaya Mixes BOGO $1.99 -$1/4mq these are nice and easy mixes and Shawn actually likes them so I like to have a few on hand
  • 2 Barber Chicken Breast BOGO  $4.99 no coupon but we like these
  • Steak $5.92 Valentine’s Dinner
  • Broccoli $1.9 Valentine’s Dinner
  • 6 Rachel Ray dog treats BOGO $2.50  -BOGO mq made these FREE
  • Holiday Cookie $1.99 for Shawn

On this trip I spent $20.38.  This is alot less than we would have spent if we went out to eat for Valentine’s and we got some things we actually needed.

Target Trip  This trip was mainly to pick up clearance goodies

  • Valentine’s Travel Mug $2.99  the insert comes out for kids to color (teacher gift).  I plan to use that and make a new insert for Shawn to color and then send it to one of the grandparents for a gift
  • 2 Jell-O .67 each -$1/2 TQ  we go through a box of Jell-O a week since I make my own jell-o lunchbox snacks so it was a good enough price
  • Shower Liner  $3.67 on clearance  Ours just ripped through a couple of the holes last week so this was perfect timing
  • Sports Erasers 25ct .99
  • Sports Pencils 25ct .99
  • Lip Gloss giftset $1.49
  • 5 Lego Minifigs $1.49 each
  • 3 pairs of socks out of the $1 section (I have a weakness for these socks)
  • Sunglasses $2.50 I just noticed my beloved sunglasses have a small crack in them (plastic frame) and I found a pair I liked in the $1 section so I picked them up to have on hand

This trip cost me $24.75 after my 5% discount.  I have several items to put into my gift closet now and at a pretty good price

Publix Trip #2  I didn’t get the rest of my dog treats but I did get rainchecks

  • 2 Eggo Waffles BOGO $2.14
  • Zatrn Jambalaya BOGO $1.99 -$1/2 printable I got emailed this morning
  • Salad Mix $2.29
  • 2 Bags of frozen Broccoli .89 each
  • Zucchini $2.26
  • Scooby Doo Vitamins $4.26 each  -$5/2 PQ and $2mq these worked out to be free
  • 4 Keebler Cookies BOGO $3.49 -$1/2mq 

Total $13.96.  I will be probably get $2.29 back tomorrow since they overcharged me on the salad when I go in to get the difference back.  Otherwise I got a few things we needed and some cookies I wanted.  I’m all for supporting the girl scouts we have a yearly 2 box order with a friends daughter but I heard that Keebler made some very similar to the scouts and I really wanted the Samoas which Dave didn’t order so I picked up a few to try them out.  They certainly ended up being cheaper than the girl scouts LOL

So how has your shopping been going this week?  Other than milk and bread I am done shopping for the week other than planning for a day out.  Saturday we will be gone all day and I need to plan for food/drinks for the day.  I’ll post about that later this week.

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