Have you checked out the printable coupons on this week??  If not get on over there and start printing!!  I headed to my target today and here’s what I got:

  • Kodak Ink Cartridges $29.99   I was really hoping to hold out until my Staples rewards came but I ran out this morning and I need the ink to print out more coupons for Target so I can go later today or tomorrow morning.
  • 3 prs of Jeans $4.98 each -$5 tq off the website.  I found 2 pairs of jeans for me and then I got another pair to use for my crafting, I will also be going back to pick up more jeans for crafting purposes
  • Small Up & Up Ibuprofen $1.09 -$1 Pain Relief TQ  at this price I’ll be picking up more we go through lots of Ibuprofen around here
  • 1 Finish 10ct $2.50  -$1.00mq and $1.50TQ  I didn’t really need these the last time they were on sale so I don’t need them now but for free I’m happy to keeping stocking up
  • Up & Up Bleach $1.47  -$1TQ  this is a good price and we use it to clean sometimes
  • Up & Up Floss .89 -$1TQ that auto adjusted making it free
  • 16 bags of frozen veggies .99 each -$1/4 TQ
    • This is the deal of the week but is regional so check your ads first.  When you buy 7 frozen items you receive a $5 gift card.  I used 4 coupons so my total was $11.84 and I received $10 in giftcards making each bag .12 I got corn, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and mixed veggies.  I plan on using those 2 giftcards and purchasing 16 more bags tomorrow once I find room in the freezer.  LOL

My total was $42.83 and considering $30 of this was on my ink and I had $10 in giftcards when I left I consider this a success.  So are you headed out to Target this week??  Make sure you print out your coupons ASAP as Target has been known to pull coupons randomly.

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Sunny simple life said...

Wow you did great. I don't use that ink but will use the other deals you listed. Thanks.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by Sunny! The ink wasn't any sort of deal except it's cheaper than my old printer but sometimes you need something so you can keeping couponing LOL. Glad you can use the other deals.

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