Money Saving Challenge Update

So I started the money saving challenge with Precious at the beginning of the year.  Things have been going OK they could be much better and I’m going to start cracking down on that.  Since the beginning of the year we’ve had some big purchases that we’d planned on but now I’d like to regain that money we spent and get back to saving.  So here are some of the things I’ve been doing to try and save money and increase our bottom line.

  • We have had some beautiful weather the past few weeks so I’ve had the windows open everyday.  That has helped keep the electric down since we aren’t using AC or heat and we haven’t had lights on.
  • I’ve also been following Dave and Shawn around and making sure the lights are shut off behind them.
  • I’ve been doing my best to keep my coupons organized so that I can save the most money on my grocery and health/beauty bills.
  • Today when I went out I ran all my errands in a circle so I could save some gas (I also nearly cried at the gas station today LOL)  I’ll be reviewing my shopping later after I put it all away.
  • We’ve also been staying home a bit more so that we don’t spend gas driving around and money when we get there

I’m going to keep working on my grocery shopping and try to keep my weekly spending to less than $60 a week.  What are you doing to keep your money in your wallet?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

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Sunny simple life said...

I am with you on the crying at the gas pump. We have three cars to fill up and my husband has a commute so it is already very expensive for us. I don't know what we will do if it keeps going up like this. We will have to rethink a lot of our driving that is not totally necessary. I am also trying to really use my coupons and keep that grocery bill down. It is all going up and I fear will only get worse. I am stockpiling staples as much as I can right now.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for stopping by. I've been stockpiling staples as well and my hubby thinks I've lost my mind we are very close to more staples than room. LOL We are also rethinking all driving, planning outings better, and carpooling when possible.

Taika Maris said...

The prices of gas is starting to jump. It's difficult on a tight budget. I completely understand about a long commute. (I had one up until the beginning of this year. Luckily I was able to transfer. 45-60 minutes originally, now 20-30.)

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