Happy February!!

Since it’s the start of a new month I wanted to remind you all to make sure you head over to Upromise and load the new set of E-Coupons onto your cards. This month they have coupons totaling almost $20 available. I’ve loaded all of them on to my shopping cards just in case I use them, I recommend that you do the same unless there is something that you would never ever buy the ecoupons are free so you might as well load them all just in case you happen to buy a corresponding product.

Upromise is the smart way to save for college!

If you haven’t signed up for Upromise yet what are you waiting for?? In addition to receiving their ecoupons (which don’t come off your total but get added to your Upromise account online) they offer cashback when you shop through several stores online, and cashback when you purchase participating products in store.

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