Saving Money

The past few days have been kind of boring around here and to be honest it seems I’m too tired to remember half of what we’ve done.

Yesterday I realized I needed eggs to make Meatloaf for Dave so I ran to Walgreen’s where I can get a dozen for .99 and while I was there I found several boxes of Photo Stamps.  These stamps are so cute because you can make them with one of your own photos they print them and ship them to you.  Well these were on clearance for $5!!!  Since you can hardly ever find deals on stamps and this is $3.80 off the regular price of stamps I picked up a box and called my Mother In Law who goes through lots and lots of stamps I ended up getting the rest of them for her.  So we both saved some money and will have adorable personalized stamps.

As far as entertainment there hasn’t been much the past few  days.  We have been watching the morning dove who has nested again in my window box (this time she killed the flowers) her babies hatched yesterday.  And since we still live in this apartment we are using what they have to offer

pool 026 pool 016

Today’s agenda is cleaning and sorting stuff out to go to storage and to the yardsale pile.  I’m sick of the clutter around the house so I’m going to start putting stuff away for a yardsale once it cools down a bit.

So how have you been saving??

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