Eating out Challenge

For the month of July my family is on a quest to eat all of our meals at home.  Well not at home but they should all be made there. 

I was very concerned about Friday since we were at the racetrack in Daytona all day but I am pleased to tell you that we spent almost no money on Friday.  The only food bought was a pack of Dunkin Donuts Munckins at the gas station.  The prices at the track were just like I thought they would be high bottled water or soda was $4 beer $5-$10 depending on size and a simple hotdog was $7.  We made sandwiches in the car and ate before we entered the track then snacked on Chex Mix, nuts, fruit and gummies throughout the day and enjoyed water, soda, beer, and juice boxes that I had either frozen or laid on top of the frozen stuff.  I’m willing to bet I spent less on all that stuff than I would have feeding one of us.

However we didn’t get home until almost 2am Saturday morning and had to leave for Shawn’s skating lessons at 9:45.  I was so tired that we got up found Shawn’s stuff and left.  Since there is a 2 hour gap between lessons and public skating and we had to eat we unfortunately had to stop at McDonald’s YUCK!!!  But Shawn requested it so that’s were we went.  Next week I’ll be much better prepared and rested before we go so we’ll take lunch with us.

How have you been doing on your challenges for the month??

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SonyaAnn said...

Great job on not spending any money at the race trace. $7 for a hot dog!!! That's nuts. I wouldn't have done it either!!!

Tiffany said...

I couldn't believe it either all I could think of was how many hotdogs I could buy for $7 with a sale.

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