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Lunches have been a topic of discussion for nearly everyone with Back To School sales starting.  There was an article in the paper today talking about Lunchables and all the crap that is in them but how working/busy/exhausted mothers sometimes fall into throwing one in the lunchbox instead of making lunch.  I understand that it can happen and was happy to see that Publix will be offering an alternative this year.  Publix will be selling Kid’s Lunchs priced around $3.99 and while have healthy options according to the paper you’ll get a sandwich or wrap with a side such as carrots, yogurt, organic milk and apple juice.  I was glad to see this because I have stopped at Publix before on my way out to pick up something healthier and cheaper than fast food for lunch.

The thing about this article that shocked me and truly points to what is wrong with this country was the comments from parents.  Yes I said what’s wrong with this country it’s not the government it’s the damn parents.  The comments were saying that the options in the lunches were too healthy that their children wouldn’t eat the carrots or drink the milk.  Seriously!!!!!  What do these kids eat and how much do they weigh and I’d ask the same about the parents.  I feel very strongly that my child have a wide assortment of foods to try.  We eat veggies every night with dinner and there’s no way I’m making a special veggie free dinner for my kid.  He’s not the biggest fan of beans but he sits there until they are gone.  Shawn does however love broccoli, carrots, corn and every fruit he’s tried.

How is it that we live in a world where it is expected that children won’t eat yogurt and carrots??  Is it because too many parents want to be friends with the kids so they don’t make them do anything??  I suspect that this is the case since I see kids daily that don’t listen and have a blatant disrespect for their parents and their parents don’t do anything.  I also see the looks I get when I yell at my son for disobeying or for popping his behind when he’s especially naughty of course those looks are from the same people who can’t believe how well behaved he is.  So my bit of advice for the day is If you love your kid make them eat their veggies and drink their milk, yell at them when they misbehave and don’t be afraid to spank  their little butts when needed.  Kids need discipline and they need someone to make sure they eat properly.  Please don’t be one of those people I want to smack sometimes I think the parents need a spanking too.

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