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tomorrow is Build and Grow day at Lowes. They are building a cute Yard Mobile from 10-11am. Shawn is excited as usual and I still haven't sewn on his patches from the last 2 clinics he went to. Guess I should do that tonight.

I didn't do any couponing today but we did head to Target. Grandma bought me a new pair of sandals that I love. Thanks Grandma!!! And I bought 4 recycled paper boxes, they will fit perfectly on the stairs and now instead of piles of crap on the stairs everyone will have their own box they are responsible for. With one extra box for my deals that need to go upstairs check your clearance endcaps since these were 75% for $1.xx each. Also treated myself and grandma to a free coffee from Starbucks thanks to my neighbors who throw away all the good Target coupons.

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