Free Fun for the Kids!!

I've seen lots of talk lately about the free clinic at Home Depot for women to attend but nothing for the kids. So here goes

Go here to sign up for a free Build and Grow Clinic at Lowes the next one is this Saturday and they seem to go every other week. Registration is not required but it tells you the dates and times of each Clinic. At this clinic Shawn received an apron and googles to wear to all the clinics he attends and at each clinic you receive a patch to sew onto the apron.
This week's project is a Tabletop Basketball set.

On the first Saturday of every month Home Depot also hosts a Kid's Workshop. There's no where to register for these but you can go here and get all the info you need.
This is the next project on April 4th. At this clinic Shawn received an apron and a pin for the clinic, no googles so we will be taking the lowes ones with us from now on.

Between the 2 I prefer the Lowes one's. They seem to have their act together alittle more but that could have just been the store we visited. The project at Lowes also went together alittle easier and since Shawn's only 4 easier is better. He seems to love going to these though so we'll be continuing to go, besides it's free entertainment and the kids leave with such a sense of accomplishment. And if you have little girls don't shy away there were more little girls than boys at the Home Depot Raceway clinic than boys and everyone was having a great time.

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