New Target!!!!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love when stores open and have great sales. If not boy do I ever love it. SuperTarget opened it's doors this morning and after such a great trip and since they are much closer now I might be back in the Target game.

Here's my receipt recap. NSS= New Store Special, you won't have these deals available at your store unless it's one of the 27 that opened today.

Door Mat (we still had one with pumpkins out) NSS $7.19
6 packs of Goldfish NSS $1 each -$1TQ =FREE
Printer Paper $3.39 (not on sale not a great deal but we were out of paper)
2 Strawberry plants $1.25 each (I think that's a regular sale price)
50th Anniversary Barbie $3 (Great price for a collectible)
Color Changing Hot Wheel NSS $2.69
2 Broccoli .99 each -$1 TQ =FREE
5 packs of Chuck Beef Steak on NSS $1.99lb (prices were $1.93-$2.55) -$2 TQ = FREE to .55 steaks

Total Spent was $19.93

I will be going back several times this week to stock my freezer with cheap steaks and free broccoli and of course tons of goldfish crackers since my son could eat this 24/7.

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