Well it's Sunday isn't that supposed to be the day of rest? Oh well, Dave and I both woke up with headaches and he's cranky. But headache or not there is a ton of stuff that I need to do today.

I've been avoiding the laundry since 2 of the washers have been broken for about a week now. But they are fixed so I have several loads of laundry that need to be down, a kitchen that needs to be clean, 10 clumps of broccoli to boil and freeze, and of course 3 weeks of coupons that need to be organized. If I manage to finish any of that it'll be a miracle but just in case I do I also need to go Michaels and look for a frame. I don't think there will be much time for deal shopping today.

Don't forget to go get your free toothpaste or toothbrush and the free Irish Springs body wash at CVS this week. The sooner you go the better chance you have of actually finding it. There is a .50 mq in the paper today for the Irsh Springs so you can make a little money on that.

So what's on your plans for today or this week? Have you started your garden yet? Are you buried under a pile of laundry like I am? Or do you just have a mountain of coupons to sort?

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