Cheap Night at Fridays

We decided to head out to Fridays for dinner last night and had a decent time.  If you aren’t a Friday’s Stripes member sign up before your next visit, you earn points for each dollar spent and when you get to 100 points you get $8 off your next meal. 

So we head out with the BOGO free Entree coupon that they emailed me at the beginning of the month and the $8 off coupon.  Since we had both coupons we planned on each getting a beer and maybe an appetizer along with our 3 entrees.  I tell the server when he comes over that we have both coupons and he proceeds to talk over me and tell me I can’t use them both and then tells me that the $8 off is better than the BOGO and basically walks away.  Now if we weren’t so hungry this is where I normally would have left but I didn’t want to go wait somewhere else.  So Dave and I agreed no appetizer and no drinks 3 waters and 3 meals and that was it.

Dave ordered a cheesy bacon burger that he said was super yummy and I got the Parmesan Crusted Chicken which is delicious.  Of course Shawn got the kids Mac and Cheese and had it gone within 5 minutes of hitting the table.  Since the server was so rude and no attentive he wasn’t going to get much of a tip and I was going to email them about the service later.  The manager happened to be stuck as bus boy and came over to clean up the plates.  I talked to him about the server (which seemed to be a repeat offender) and showed him my coupons.  He agreed that I should use them both as one is an earned reward and the other is just a perk so he took the coupons and reminded the server that next time he should ask before ticking off the customer.

Long story short(ish) LOL!!  The server’s attitude saved us some money.  After both coupons our total was $7.xx and since the server ran off with my receipt with the free app coupon on it before I left a tip I just rounded up and he got a $2.xx tip.  I felt a little badly for the tip since you should tip on the prediscounted amount but he took my receipt so OH well.  It was a nice cheap dinner that was super yummy!!!

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Chicagolandia said...

Great deal on your meal - that server should be happy he even got a tip!

Tammy said...

What a great deal for dinner. Sorry about your server. Most servers would treat us like gold if we have coupons because usually we tip 20% when we get great service. And we always tip on the pre-coupon subtotal.

I hope this guy learned his lesson. Probably not. Some servers just don't understand that they are in the service industry.

Good Service=Good Tips
Great Service=Great Tips

Poor Service=Be Grateful You If Get Anything

Tiffany said...

You both are so right!!

He should be grateful he got any tip, if it wasn't for his manager he probably wouldn't have gotten a tip at all.

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