Christmas Ideas Help Wanted

So I just wanted to ask and see what everyone thought of the knitting project and if anyone had any requests in other crafting areas.  I’m going to post things in all of my crafting specialties, but if you’ve got a favorite maybe I could do a couple extras in that area.  The only thing you won’t see me doing is crocheting.  I know how to crochet a granny square and that’s about it, so I can’t share any knowledge there.  But ask me about simple quilting, all difficulties in scrapbooking, card making, paper crafts, stitching, sewing, beading, knitting, and some woodcrafts and I’ll probably have ideas abounding.  I have a bit of crafters ADD so my interests are wide and if something has me excited we are golden.

I’m also thinking about doing a Christmas gift giveaway with either the parts to make one of the crafts I talk about or the craft itself.  Does anyone have any suggestions on that ie what would you rather get?  Thanks for all your inputs, it really helps me to make this a better blog for all of you guys.

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