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Do you have kids? Do you think of yourself as a good/helpful person? If you answered yes to either of these questions get going to CVS!!!! They have some great deals on Back to School Supplies. You can get pencils, filler paper, binders, pens and small memo books for free until Tuesday at CVS!!!

If you are new to CVS check the post below to get a newbie course for little OOP. I wrote out a cheap and easy way to get everything this week for $3 OOP with a $3 ECB in your hand when you are done.

If you've got kids you know this stuff is really needed. If you don't have kids go buy your limits for all of this stuff leave it in your car for a week or two and I think you'll easily come across several school supply drives. Schools/Familys really need the help this year with so many people out of jobs or having their hours cut anything you can do to help will be a huge help. Back to school stuff gets expensive and the supply drives are going to need lots of donations this year to help out all the families in need who simply can not afford all the expense this year. So please if you don't have kids think of the people who need the help and go load up a donation box with the great freebies.

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