Quick CVS trips

Since I've been sick all week I haven't gotten out to CVS much. I went for the 3 day at the beginning of the week but hadn't gone back. So I went tonight and did all the photo books. Here's where the pennies went

My Card
5 Photo Books
2 Spongebob Cookies

Total OOP $1.04

Other Card
5 Photo Books

Total OOP $.02

I paid for each book individually with the ECB's from the book before. I of course paid for the first book on each card with ECB's from the 3 day sale and I now have a $7.99 on each card.

This is a great idea for Christmas Gifts I know it's late now but I was talking about cheap gifts and these are great gifts. Next week they have another deal that is a great gift as well so check back. I promise I'll get to it earlier next week.

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