June Recap

Ok so I know it's the 5th but here's my recap from last month and my goals for this month.

We have been doing better at not spending much extra and most of the bigger purchases we made last month were planned things. I'd like to improve on this during July. As I said our savings goals have changed quite a bit and we are still working. We added $355 to the saving account last month and that's great compared to previous months but I'd like to add more this month. In order to do that I'm going to be shopping less. I will most certainly buy as many free things as I can to stock up for the yard sale this fall. I make great money selling my stockpile and that money will go towards savings this time.

I had lots of slip ups last month and wasn't keeping up with my totals on the side but I'm starting fresh and I'm going to try again. Since I've never kept track of all my purchases this is a learning curve for me. If I keep getting better I'll go back to accounting for every penny again but for now I'm going to focus on grocery and H&B purchases, my savings through sales and coupons, and on what we've added to savings.

I haven't been shopping this month yet so all my totals are at zero. That will be changing very soon though. LOL Feel free to share your tips, tricks, and goals with me it's so inspirational to hear how you all are doing. I'm going back to cleaning and tending my container garden (it's getting a much needed rearranging and some love today) I'll post some pics when it's done to share with you all.

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