A Nice Farmer’s Market Trip


I got 3 zucchini, 8 limes, 1 lemon, 6 ripe peaches and a big basket of cherries.  The peaches were overripe but I got them for $1 so as soon as we got home I sliced them and froze them.  They should be great in shakes or muffins.  In total I spent $5!!!!  I was buying the peaches and the man selling gave Shawn a cherry he always gives Shawn a different treat and most of the time he doesn’t like them but this time he did so I splurged and got the cherries too.  Now just to figure out what to do with them other than letting him eat them as is.

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Precious said...

You did so well getting all of that for $5.00! I love cherries.I am munching on soem right now.

centralillinoisian said...

We like to eat the cherries and spit the pits to see who spits the farthest. Kind of gross I know, but whatever it takes to eat fruit. We also eat them in the car so we can spit the seeds out the window. lol we're weird, I know.

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