Publix Deals this Week

Here are some deals that I will be getting in on this week. Let me know if you see a super deal.

Hershey's Syrup BOGO $2.39 (I don't have any coupons but I use this in my mochas)

Sweet Baby Ray's BOGO $2.29 (There's a coupon for this but I'm not sure I need it)

A1 Steak Sauce BOGO $4.19 ($2mq)

McCormick GrillMates $1.99 (I know there's coupons out there)

I'll also pick up some Raid with the PQ and MQ out there and some Apple & Eve juice.

Not a whole lot of deals that have me moving but I'll go out and pick up a few things. Is there anything that you see that's a great deal? Let me know what you get this week.

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