Great Shopping Day!!

Quick trip to CVS:

2 Snickers Bar FREE with MQ Colgate Total Advance $2.88 -$1MQ $2 ECB 4 Bic Triumph Pens $3.99 BOGO -$2MQ =Free

Total OOP .86 Total Saved $24.74

Then an even quick stop at Walgreens

6 8.5”x11” Scotch Bubble Mailers (beware these didn’t ring up at the right price and the cashier had to manually override it) .39 each –(4).50mq

1 Frappucino Starbucks $1.25 -$1mq

And because I had Dave and Shawn with me 2 Nascars $4

Total OOP $5.04 Total Savings $3.34


1 loaf of Garlic Bread $2.99 (it was very good)

5 Bottles of Fruit 2 O Water $1.11 each =FREE with MQ

Total OOP $3.38 Total Saved $5.55

And then for the big trip to Publix


8 Starkist Seasations BOGO Free with MQ

1Johnsonville Brats $2.99 -$1PQ and .35MQ

3 Glade Mini Candle $3.19 –(3) $5MQ =$1.81 Overage each

2 Alexia Chips $2.89 –(2) $1MQ

2 Friskies Cat Food $3each –(2) $3.50MQ =$1 Overage

10 Koolaid $2

1 Brown Sugar .99 -$2MQ wyb koolaid & sugar

3 A&E Juice $1.59 -$1PQ -$.50MQ

2 Reach Toothbrush $2.89 each -(2)$2mq + (2)$1PQ

Potato Rolls $3.19 YIKES!!

4 Listerine Tooth Defense $3.79 each –(4)$2mq + (4)$2PQ

M&M Mini’s .89 FREE with MQ

Bacon Cheddar Burgers $4.27

Used a $3/$30

Total OOP $3.48 Total Saved $115.54

I have to go back to Publix tonight to get the rest of my Seasations and hopefully a raincheck for some until I free up some room in the freezer. So how did your shopping go this week.

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