BJ's Warehouse Club?

So we have a BJ's that just opened up the road from us and stopped in yesterday to see what the prices were. Since I'm really interested in baking my own bread I checked out the price of yeast and flour. The flour was a couple pennies cheaper per pound than Walmart but the I could get a pound of yeast at BJ's for the price of a 3 packet thing at Walmart. These are both items I don't usually get on sale anywhere so that's why I picked them.

Do you have a membership to BJ's? I'm looking for some other user opinions on them. I noticed that they are the only warehouse club that takes manufacturer coupons and have store coupons. A membership for a year is $45 or we can probably get an add on card through my Mother in Law for about $20 a year. They also seem to have good prices on fruits and meats so I think we'd get good use out of it.

So what do you think? Do you have a club membership? Do you use it alot? I get alot of my groceries for free or very cheap through sales and coupons but there are always things I can't get or things I need and have run out of. I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks.

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centralillinoisian said...

We don't have BJ's. I have a sam's not too far away, but I let the membership expire. I can do better at the regular store with q's than I could at Sam's since they don't take q's.

Tiffany said...

We used to have a Sam's membership too. I let it go for the same reasons. Of course that's probably why I'm questioning getting a BJ's one.

Chicagolandia said...

I used to belong to Sam's, but I let it go. I do fairly well at the stores, so I don't even think about using a warehouse club.
Something in me balks at paying for the privilege to shop somewhere,

Tiffany said...

See I have the very same problem. It seems there are ups and downs. I guess I need to keep thinking, we are hoping to get a new TV in the next year so we may decide to get it for that alone. We looked at the TV's and we can get a much better one for a little less then the one we saw at Walmart.

Precious said...

If your MIL is close, why don't you just go with her once in a while and get what you need? I have belonged to Sam's or Costco at one time or another but not 6 years or so. I do much better at the markets. I just couldn't justify the $45. a year for the few things I would buy there.

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