Money Savings Challenge Weekly Update

Well it seems that an easy way not to spend too much is to just stay out of the stores. I've been printing coupons and making lists this morning for a big shopping day tomorrow but this week has been uneventful for shopping.

1. I've been staying out of the stores this week so we haven't spent much at all. In addition to not spending much we've been using some of the stockpile. I'm going to be reorganizing the freezer today too make sure everything is getting used in a timely manner and hopefully I'll be getting some ice cream tomorrow to fill up the freezer.

2. We've been keeping up with working out in the evenings when it's coolest out so not to have to run the AC too much.

3. The dishwasher is remaining as a large drying rack when I do dishes, no electric to run it. LOL

4. We walked to the Farmer's Market on Wednesday to save on gas and got some good deals on veggies.

5. I clipped and organized all my coupons, the only way to save the big bucks is to be organized in the coupon department. I still have some coupons to file that I had pulled for Kmart doubles and didn't use. Maybe later today.

6. Next week is going to start my area by area deep cleaning of the house. I'll be breaking the house up into small manageable areas and picking one a day until everything is deep cleaned. I'm talking about decluttering, scrubbing walls floors, and in general weeding out the crap that's cluttering my house. Luckily the house is pretty clean so it won't be too bad.

7. Dave and I will pick out one free/cheap activity for this week. I'll try and plan any errands I want to run into this so we can get the best bang for our gas. I'm working on doing only the free/money making deals for the next few weeks. Of course I'll still have to pay for the needs and some meat with my buy 1 get 2 free coupons but that'll be it.

8. I've been tending my little garden and have picked several cherry pear tomatoes. We also have 2 more peppers ready to be picked (I'm waiting till Sunday so we can have them with Brats for Father's Day). I'll be posting pics Sunday or Monday of the garden and the topsy turvy.

So what have you been doing this week? I have several recycling projects that I'm excited to share with you next week once I get them a little more done so be sure to check back.

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Chicagolandia said...

I love having all my coupons filed and ready to go! Now if I could only find someone willing to do it for me...
Great job on the savings!

Precious said...

It is just amazing how much money you save by just staying out of the stores. Good job!

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