Topsy Turvy Update

Please forgive me for this being sooo late. I took the pics Sunday night and spent all day yesterday cleaning closets and fighting what I think is a stubborn cold. I'm feeling like crud but got woken up by an early morning storm. Hopefully I'll get a nap in later. Well here's the pics.

As you can probably see it's really starting to fill out. I'm hoping the wind this morning didn't take too much of a toll on it. When it gets too windy I've been taking it down and laying it in the yard, I just don't think it can handle being beaten too much.

And here's how my tomatoes are coming along. So far there's only these, there is a small one that you can't really see. So I'm up to 3 cherry tomatoes it seems like this topsy turvy is doing pretty well. So far I give it 4 stars.

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Anonymous said...

You are doing so much better than I am with the tomatoes. Mine have stopped growing completely. I just can't do tomatoes.
Thank you for sharing!!!

Tiffany said...

My tomatoes have been growing like wildfire this year. However my zucchini hasn't produced anything and it going to get ripped out today or tomorrow. And I so wanted zucchini this year, I'm going to try later in the summer when it cools off a little maybe it's too hot.

Precious said...

Nice tomato plants. I sure hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Stopped over to say Hi!!

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