Wag's and Target

In sticking to my tighter belt spending I went to Walgreens and Target the other day. Here what my orders came out like.

Wag's 4 orders (2 different stores)
3 Bayer Contour Meters $10 -mq =FREE plus $10RR
3 Ecotrin 45ct $2 -mq =FREE plus $2 RR
3 Drinks $4.55 -2 ($2) RR

Total OOP on all trips .55 since there was no tax on the Meters or the Ecotrin they were pure profit. I will be going back tomorrow and/or Saturday to get more of both since I have lots of coupons left. I've found a home for all the meters so they aren't going to waste either.

2 Men's Degree 2.34 each -$1 mq & $1.50 tq
5 Bliss Bars .99 each -.99 tq
3 Cutter Spray clearanced $1.18 each -$2 mq (beeped but pushed through for overage)
Steak rolled with Spinach and Cheese 7.27 -$3tq (peelie)
Beef Round Steak 5.41 -$3tq (peelie)
2 1lb packs of Strawberries 2.49 each -$1tq

Total OOP 6.88

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